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My Name is Mrs Munro

My Name is Mrs Helen Munro But that wasn’t always my name. I was born Miss Joanna Cassese and shortly after renamed Miss Helen Cassese. I was brought up on a mix of Monty Python, Ben Elton standup and Disney films, in a broken home, getting moved around alot. This meant that I grew up… Read More My Name is Mrs Munro

Life Musings

Divvy up your shit

Verb 1. divvy up – give out as one’s portion or share I’ve been speaking on my blog about the fact that my husband and I are moving out to live in separate houses. (click here to read why) In order for us to do this, it was necessary for us to divvy up and separate everything we own…. all the STUFF we have… Read More Divvy up your shit

Life Musings

Conscious uncoupling

BANG! Another plate smashed against a kitchen cabinet…or maybe a mug breaking on the floor? I’m not sure which it is this time. The raised voices reverberate through the walls and I can almost taste the tension and sense of heightened awareness seething through the wall. The wall that divides our two damp terraced houses.… Read More Conscious uncoupling

Life Musings

Sore Throat Remedies

Since speaking publicly on Facebook this week about how sore my throat is; a lot of my friends have (without being asked bless them) offered me their own personal remedies and advice on what I can do to help my throat get better. Here are some of their suggestions; Lemon and honey (no context there… Read More Sore Throat Remedies

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How to be grateful, when you feel you have nothing to be grateful about

Gratitude is such an important state of being. Self help books will often tout that if we can live our lives from a position of gratitude, we can be happier and lead more fulfilling lives. Today I am sick with a sore throat and am having difficulty swallowing… it hurts… but I *can* do it.… Read More How to be grateful, when you feel you have nothing to be grateful about