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What triggers anxiety?

In the same way that not all OCD sufferers have an issue with constant hand washing (although that is a common one) Anxiety suffers aren’t all ‘triggered’ by the same types of situations or events. It can be difficult for non-anxiety sufferers to fully understand anxiety, so with this post I hope to shed some… Read More What triggers anxiety?

Health & Wellbeing

What is CBT?

CBT Stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT uses the idea that your thoughts influence your feelings – so; what you think in your mind, will then control how you feel emotionally. Therefore, by learning to acknowledge, accept and then challenge your thoughts; you can then influence whether or not those thoughts have an effect on… Read More What is CBT?

Quirky Ferret Dances

What is ATS®?

What is ATS®? check out!!! My favourite youtube video gives a great idea of the magic of ATS® dance ATS stands for American Tribal Style®. It is a form of improvisational belly dance created by Carolena Nericcio; the director of a dance company called Fat Chance Belly Dance®. Rather than the dancers standing in… Read More What is ATS®?